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Add some fun with our
Edible Cookie Dough

Our edible cookie dough is made with traditional flavors.  We bake our flour and replace raw eggs to make it safe to eat.  All of our cookie doughs can be topped with other toppings.  A complete list of add ons can be found below.

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Chocolate Chip

Traditional chocolate chip cookie dough.  filled to the brim with mini semi sweet chocolate chips.

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Peanut Butter

Traditional Peanut butter cookie dough.

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Sugar Cookie

Edible sugar cookie dough filled with rainbow sprinkles.

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Coming in march

Not available yet.

Edible Cookie Dough Add On Toppings
25¢ per cup


Chocolate Buttercream

Cream cheese frosting

White Buttercream

Whipped Topping

Candy Toppings

Heath Bar

Crushed Butterfinger

Reese's Pieces

Semi Sweet Mini Chips

Mini Milk Chocolate Chips

M & M's

Cookie Toppings

Crushed Oreos

Other Toppings





Sugar Sprinkles

Seasonal Sprinkles

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